Terms of Domain Registration

Read Carefully before placing order of Domain Registration

1. We register domain name after receiving 100% advance payment along with the purchase order / work order.

2. The price of first year registration is normally lesser and may be pre-discounted without your negotiation. Hence, the price may vary for renewal from second year onwards. Also the price depends on the currency exchange rate between USD and INR.

3. Order of domain name cannot be cancelled.

4. Domain name once registered cannot be changed.

5. The payment of domain name is not refundable or transferrable.

6. From second year, we must receive renewal confirmation along with payment in one month advance. If the renewal date is missed (by any reason or any mistake), the penalty charges would be Rs 7500 (may vary) and client must pay it to renew.

7. Transfer Domain: If clients want to transfer the domain to another registrar, the transfer charges would be Rs 1500 (Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred only). Client must begin the transfer process with the new registrar.

8. Please print this terms & condition on separate paper. Sign and stamp it. Please attach it with your purchase order (work order).

9. Client agrees to abide these terms and conditions as well as all the periodically change in it available on our website www.allweb.in. Further all the terms discussed verbally as well as informed in email.

10. Subject to Ahmedabad Jurisdiction.

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