Terms of Hosting Plans

Read Carefully before placing order of Hosting Plans

1. We host the website after receiving 100% advance payment.

2. We do not offer unlimited space or email id or bandwidth.

3. All our hosting plans packages have specific web space, number of email id, monthly bandwidth etc. So please understand the package details before buying the hosting plan.

4. We will provide you credential s (user name & password) of cPanel, Email IDs and FTP. You must change the password immediately for security reasons.

5. Entering wrong password more than 3 times for email ID or for cPanel, will block your IP. In such cases, you will not be able to access your website, your email, webmail or MS-Outlook. If due to this issue, your IP or Domain is blocked on internet, you must contact us to add it again in White List or to unblock it. Problem created due to this issue will not be considered against problem from our side.

6. We are not liable for any loss of data, or email or any content of website.

7. For websites prepared in Wordpress or any other CMS based website should have proper security plug-in to avoid any issues against malware, viruses, hackers or threat.

8. We will provide initial training to create Email ID, change password, assign quota, configuration in MS-Outlook, basic operation of cPanel etc free of cost. To avail training again, please refer our support policy.

9. We offer 99% uptime guarantee in normal condition. However, we are not liable against any unavoidable technical issues, flood, earthquake, electricity or internet issues.

10. You can send maximum up to 1200 emails per day (maximum up to 50 per hour) from one domain.

11. You agree that you will not spam. In such case, our automated system will block your domain or IP for certain time period. It will be automatically unblock after certain time period.

12. If you are not satisfied with our hosting plan, we can refund the payment for the rest period. For example, if you have ordered for 12 months. And after 3 months, if you find our service not satisfactory, we will refund for rest 9 months after deducting Rs 500 handling charges. Suppose, the cost of hosting plan is Rs 2400/-. The monthly charges would be Rs 200. So the total of 9 months would be Rs 1800. And the refundable amount would be Rs 1800 Rs 500 handling charges = Rs 1300. We will refund Rs 1300, if you are not satisfied with our hosting service.

13. If you find any issue in email or website, you must send first of all one email on info@allweb.in stating the exact issue in details.

14. Client agrees to abide these terms and conditions as well as all the periodically change in it available on our website www.allweb.in. Further all the terms discussed verbally as well as informed in email.

15. Subject to Ahmedabad Jurisdiction.

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