Terms of Website Designing & Graphics Designing Work

Read Carefully before placing order of Website Designing & Graphics Designing Work

1. We require 50% advance payment along with purchase order (work order) to begin the work.

2. Client must make payment of remaining 50% amount against delivery. If client fails to make payment before due date, then we have right to stop the work, further deliveries or cancel the order without any written notice. In such case, the advance payment will not be refunded at any cost.

3. Client must provide all the content (text, images and videos, links etc) to us. If client insists us to take content from Internet or from any other media, and in case of copyright issue arises, the complete responsibility is of the client. Maruti Enterprise is not responsible for any issues generated due to that.

4. The client must not make copy of the website, except intention of back up. The client acknowledges that Maruti Enterprise will not be liable for any damage to the client computer system.

5. Web Page Length is approximately A4 size.

6. We charge extra for extra web page

7. All the page that opens by clicking on any button, links, image are considered as a new page, except opening only images, PDFs, Videos, Social Sites or any third party websites. Please understand how to calculate number of pages in a website with us.

8. Maintenance means, we edit existing information such as text or images. It does not cover creating new section, web page etc.

9. Client agrees to abide these terms and conditions as well as all the periodically change in it available on our website www.allweb.in. Further all the terms discussed verbally as well as informed in email.

10. Subject to Ahmedabad Jurisdiction.

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